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Falling Fandoms by maxgabbymeow
[REQUEST] Isis Kiss by maxgabbymeow
[REQUEST] Shining Gem by maxgabbymeow
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Re-Do Boys by maxgabbymeow
Showing Off by maxgabbymeow
Above are examples of previous requests and drawings that I've made for my friends! If you like what you see, I would be more than happy to draw you, fellow deviant, anything you like!

If you want to buy a commission with real money, my PayPal is:
I charge $2.50 for a commission!

My only rules and restrictions would be:
-My drawings are all rated PG-13 and below. I won't make anything rated R.
-The exception to the above rule includes gore.
-Past four characters in one commission, I will require an extra, forty points per character (25 cents).
-Requesting a digital piece will require an extra, sixty points (50 cents).
-There is a form you must fill out. I would appreciate it if the commission was as detailed as possible, so I may successfully follow through in creating your request.
-If you want a commission and don't know what to ask for, ask for a surprise, and I will peruse your gallery, find something you seem to like, and make your purchase as close to your desire as I can fathom based on that.

Now, the form!

Type of Media (Digital or Traditional):
Type of Character (s) (OC or Fanart):
Number of Characters:
Name of Character (s): 
Gender of Character (s):
Species of Character (s):
Reference for Character (s) (or detailed description of appearance):
Personality of Character (s):
Desired Scene/Setting of Character (s):
Optional Information:

An example of the filled out form would be:

Type of Media (Digital or Traditional): Traditional
Type of Character (s) (OC or Fanart): OC
Number of Characters: 2
Name of Character (s): Allen, Matt
Gender of Character (s): Male, Male
Species of Character (s): Blood Demon, Artic Fox Demon
Reference for Character (s) (or detailed description of appearance): [Allen is a tall, dirty blonde man with orange eyes. He has bangs that cover each of his eyes, but they get shorter in the middle. He has one strand of hair that's longer on the left side than the right. Allen also has hair that spikes out, at the sides. He has sharp teeth and usually wears cargo pants and a t-shirt. The coloring of his clothes doesn't really matter.] [Matt is an average-height, white-haired boy with dull, blue eyes. He has straight bangs with hair above his shoulders, tipped with silver. He always wears a scarf and colorless clothing. He has an ahoge that casually sticks out from any side of his hair, and he also has rosy cheeks.]
Personality of Character (s): [Allen is very determined and energetic. He's a rather inspiring and seemingly optimistic character, but he's utterly neutral about tragedy and hope all together. He simply wishes the best for those he loves and acknowledges the existence of things he dislikes. He's usually very dense and rarely ever thinks about the concept of love and relationships.] [Matt is very dull in his ways. He speaks monotonously, and he hardly makes any noticeable facial expressions. He doesn't seem to have any ill will with anyone, but he doesn't seem too happy either.]
Desired Scene/Setting of Character (s): I would like a scene where Matt is writing Allen a love letter, and Allen is peeking over his shoulder, surprised. Matt hasn't noticed him. He's sitting on a bar stool, writing on a piece of paper on the kitchen counter.
Optional Information: Allen often wears earrings he got from his deceased brother. It is important that the long strand of hair near his right ear is significantly shorter on his left ear- his hair is asymmetrical because of it. It is also important that Matt's scarf covers the entirety of his neck. It's usually white with gray stripes, too. Matt also has no shine or pupils in his eyes. They're just clouded over, more gray than blue.



maxgabbymeow's Profile Picture
JoJo LaRow "Neko Cho-san"
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Weepinsian is my spirit animal.

Hello! I'm JoJo LaRow.
Feel free to call me JoJo, Max, Gabby, or Neko Cho-san! If you have a different nickname you prefer to call me, just tell me!

I'm quite the otaku with, not just anime but, EVERYTHING about Japan.
My favorite anime used to be "Shugo Chara", but now I'm in love with "Meganebu!" and "Mekakucity Actors"! My absolute favorite character from any show or anything at all, though, is Tsukiyomi Ikuto!

My facebook is Max LaRocca, so look me up if you're a friend!

I have an ask account on tumblr as well for two utaites I ship, Amatsuki and Glutamine (ask away, askers!):

I hope you enjoy my art... And make sure to check out a few of my amazing friends!

My awesome Zelda Buddy~
:iconidioturi: (Niko)
The most amazing poet you'll ever meet...
:iconakatsukiloverxdx3: (Aka-chan)
The mighty talented, Jerikuto!
All of my kohai~
My awesome onii-san!
And an amazing pair of sisters that I'm very happy to know!

All of these guys are really talented and fantastic people and it upsets me to see people who have yet to experience being friends with them as well! So... go be friends with them! I can promise you won't regret it~

Current Residence: America
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Phone
Favourite cartoon character: Tsukiyomi Ikuto
Personal Quote: "Left is always Right!"
I'm reading Renaissance Poems in my English IV class, and I realized that the response to Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love", Raleigh's "The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd", was pretty tsundere.

I mean, from what I gather, Marlowe's poem is from the view of a shepherd who tells his love, "Come with me and be my love, and we'll have all the joy in the world. I'll have you dance and sing, if you like; we can be free. I'll make you beds of roses and crowns of flowers and dresses of all sorts of plants (basically, an entire outfit of flowers), and you will enjoy it all if you come to love me." It was sort of a lovey, sweet letter that I felt meant, "I would give anything to have you be with me and to see you happy."

Then, Raleigh's poem was like, "Um, all of those flowers are gonna die, and we can't always sit by the river and listen to birds sing 'cause Winter comes around, and the birds are gone, and the river is frozen. The dresses and stuff you would make me would wilt, and there would be no use for them anymore. I don't want to love you for all of these materialistic fantasies, anyways. But.. if you would love me forever, despite our age and differences, I might... I might love you in return."

So, uh, when I think of a crazily optimistic poem that's all romantic and sweet with a response poem that's kinda pessimistic but ends on a note of hope and possibly future, guess what that reminds me of?

Can you guess?

If your guess was Matt and Allen, you're more than correct!

Now guess what I want to do but can't 'cause I need to get back to working on English IV?


                     ~Fangirling Neko Cho-san
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: Reprieve by Chris Pureka
  • Reading: Loveless
  • Watching: EVA, Glasslip, Dramatical Murder, etc.
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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